Academic status

Applicants may be in two categories (a) 2023 graduates or those expecting to graduate in early 2024, or (b) recent graduates from 2019 onwards, who required additional work experience in a policy or business field in order to be accepted onto the course to which they are applying, who are applying for the Early Career Scholarship.

George Moore Scholars are selected from the higher education institutions across the island of Ireland. 

Applicants may only apply for support for a course that will begin in the future and not courses they are already undertaking.

Applicants to the Early Career Scholars programme in 2024 must have completed their primary degree in 2019 or later, provided they have been building work experience relevant to their chosen field of study. This may be a public or health policy field or a technological, environmental, financial, business or management field. Early Career Scholars will normally be applying for programmes that require professional experience in advance of applying to undertake the Master's degree.

Applicants who are not applying for the Early Career Scholars award category must either hold a degree, or expect to graduate in 2023, from a higher education institution in the Republic of Ireland or Northern at the time of taking up the scholarship.

Applicants are wholly responsible for securing a place on a master's degree programme in a university outside of the island of Ireland. Evidence of acceptance on a programme abroad, or evidence that applications to institutions, must be provided as part of the application. Scholarships will not be awarded until all documentation has been uploaded and submitted.

Applicants must provide a letter of offer on a master's degree programme, including terms and conditions of the offer, from the host institution when they apply or as soon as it becomes available. 

Applicants may submit only one application a year. Previously unsuccessful applicants may reapply.